Meet Code Valet

Code Valet is a radically transparent CI/CD service for GitHub users. Get instant feedback on bad commits, with minimal setup or configuration required.

Code Valet is currently in private alpha. If you’re interested in helping us alpha test, sign up for the Code Valet newsletter.


Integrating with Code Valet is easy. To get started, sign up with your GitHub account, select a project to build, and define how to build it, either visually or declaratively.

How it works

Code Valet is powered by Jenkins® 2 with Jenkins Pipeline and Blue Ocean but no prior Jenkins knowledge is required to use Code Valet.

Code Valet uses its own regularly updated "Jenkins distribution" consisting of many commonly used plugins built from their "master" branches.

Success stories

Code Valet provides the Jenkins project with rapid feedback based on real-world usage of Jenkins. This means rather than following the Jenkins project's release-train model Code Valet practices a more radical continuous delivery model.

Using Code Valet ultimately helps the Jenkins community improve its support for wider variety of platforms by increasing the diversity of projects built by Jenkins.

Jenkins® is a registered trademark of Software in the Public Interest, Inc.